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Kristen Marks

Kristen Marks
Kristen Marks is an ultra trail runner, Peloton rider, yoga and meditator enthusiast, attorney, author, speaker, proud wife and mom to two young adult children, and the founder of My Pink Lawyer®, Florida Estate & Legacy Planning attorneys. Kristen has been crafting professional estate plans for Florida women and their families for over 25 years.
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Checklist of Important Papers to Gather Following the Death of a Loved One

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Talk About a Crotch Kick on the 30K Race Course

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It's a Girl!

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You Ain't Got No Leave it to Beaver Family

Kate Spade Suicide a Tragedy

This summer project will simplify your closet and your life

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Don't Let Yourself Be trapped with your living trust

Musings in the Mind of this Long Distance Runner.

I Bet You Suffer From This Common Ailment and Do Not Even Know It

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That's What She Said!

Hangry Shenanigans in our Household this Weekend

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Practical versus Ideal. The Age Old Question Posed in this Popular Action Thriller.

Another Embarrassing Confession by Yours Truly

My Secret Weapon to a Pain-Free 50K Recovery

2018 Blackwater 50K is in the books!

I Never Claimed to Be Mother of the Year.

I Always Suspected We Were a Little Crazy. This Confirms It.

There's No Crying in the Courtroom, an Embarrassing Confession.

Pensacola Double Bridge Run Does Not Disappoint

You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good FINAL Impression

Ever Come to the Office Hung Over?

My, How My Perspective Has Changed Over the Past Few Months!

I Thought They Said 2.62 Miles!

I'm No Parent of the Year

Some Say They Can Pick Me Out Of An Ass Line-Up

Sometimes Being a Snob is Not So Bad

Empty Nest Syndrome is Tough

Who's the Cosmo Kramer in Your Life?

Over the River and Through the Woods...But Not to Grandmother's House Did I Go

I Did Not Know that I was a healer but just ask my daughter!

My Husband Thinks He Married a Younger Woman!

Want to Hear How Neurotic I Am?

I'm Obviously Committed to Finishing this 50K Because Look What I Am Willing to Give Up to Do It!

I Love Christmas But Hate this Holiday Tradition.12.4.17

Losing a Furry Family Member Stinks, But So Does Dying Without Leaving a Plan for Their Continued Care

Even the Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry

Don't Be a Lemming and Jump off the (proverbial) cliff just because everyone else is doing it!

Wanna Fool Around With Me?

Race Pacing a Friend Sure Ain't for Sissies!

Never Underestimate a Woman on a Mission

Alabama Football, Harry's Bar & Reminiscing in Tuscaloosa

My Family Underestimates My Ability to Screw Up a Recipe

Is an Ivy League Education Worth It?

Just Say No to Fruitcake. A Crazy Confession By My Pink Lawyer.

Travel to a Third World Country With Young Kids and No Plan is a Recipe for Disaster

I Promised Myself I Will Never Do This Again

I Spent My Honeymoon With My Husband's Best Friend!

Destiny is Bullshit

Sleeping Like a Baby in the Most Unexpected Place

Which is Better? Instacart or Legal Zoom

Flying Sure Ain't for Sissies

Why You Should Not Have Your Child on Your Bank Account

Why It's a Terrible Idea to Leave Your Kids' Inheritance to a Trusted Family Member

Why It's a Bad Idea to Add Your Kids to Your Bank Account

Thinking of Cutting out your spouse in your estate plan? Think again

Am I Little Crazy or What? 50K or Bust!

Importance of Powers of Attorney for Young Adult Children: Interview with Rodney & Cindy Daniels

Anxiously checking my Phone While My Child is Away at College

If Mama Ain't Happy...

Two Items Every College Student Must Have

As the Hurricane Bears Down, Being Prepared Brings Great Peace of Mind

The Struggle is Real When You're Trying to Fit Into Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

What is a Florida formal administration probate?

Who's Ready For Some College Football?!

It's All Fun and Games Until The Goat Tramples Your Toddler

It's All Fun & Games Until Maternity Leave is Over

Are Men Inherently "Cheaper" Than Women?

God, I Hate it when my body lets me down

I'm More Amazon Prime than Pinterest

I Raised her to be independent so what the hell is my problem?

This Girl Didn't Get Invited to the "Dance"

Guess What Two Things I "Packed" For My Daughter As She Headed Off to College?

I Thought I'd Be Doing the Happy Dance But Boy, Was I Wrong!

What Makes a Will Legal in Florida?

What Will Be YOUR Legacy this Month?

The Difference Between A Will & Living Trust

The Simplest Ways to Avoid Probate

A Life Lesson in Choices

Creating an Estate Plan is Easier than Packing for Italy!

Ciao, Italy! It Feels Good to be Home!

Beneficiaries, Retirement, Life Insurance, and Probate

Living Trusts Don't always avoid probate

Is Your Estate Plan Current or Behind the Times?

Wills and Probate: Having One Does Not Preclude the Other

The First Bird Leaves the Marks Nest!

Does Clutter Freak You Out as Much as it does me?

Empowered Women plan Early (and Often)

I Can Run Without Pain Again!

DIY to Luxury Service, my journey as a savvy consumer

Many Still Go Hungry in our community but we can help

Countdown to our next College Road Trip

My Teens are learning valuable life lessons

Human Trafficking is Real and It Exists in Pensacola Too

Families in Crisis Find a Home Away from home in pensacola

A Classic Lawyer Love Story

7 Tips to Talk to Your Parents About their Estate Plans

A Classic Lawyer Love Story

Five Kick Butt Time Management Tips

Forget New Year's Resolutions. 7 Helpful Hacks to Getting Your Habits to Stick!

A Sad Tale of a Dad Left to His Own Devices

Easy 7 Step Blueprint to Making Positive Changes in Your Life

Successful, Yet Amazingly Simple, Olympic Formula For Your Family Succession Success

Beware The Next Time You Are Invited To Dinner At My House!

Protect Your Kids In 7 Simple Steps

This Is The Most Important Concept To Understand In Designing And Deploying Your Family Succession Plan

New Florida Law Insurance Companies Hope You Don't Find Out About

Don't Be Like Prince And Fail To Plan Your Estate. Call Your Estate Planner Today To Get Your Affairs In Order.

Like Preparing For A Trail Race, No Estate Plan Is Ever Perfect. Prepare The Best You Can, Put The Plan Into Motion, And Then Readjust Along The Way.

I Feel Like I'm Pregnant Again!

Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Kidnapped Our Neighbor's Cat?

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