I Hate it When I realize I'm Not invincible

Kristen Marks

by Kristen Marks

Kristen Marks is a travel enthusiast, empty-nest mom to two young adult children, athlete, attorney, author, speaker, proud wife of almost three decades (to the same wonderful man!), and the founder of My Pink Lawyer®, Florida Estate & Legacy Planning attorneys. Kristen has been crafting professional estate plans for Floridians and their families for over 28 years.

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“Well, you don’t have a sinus infection,” my doctor informed me last Wednesday after looking in my nose and ears.


“But you do sound a little wheezy in your right lung. Do you have asthma?”


No, I don’t. But boy do I hate it when I realize that I’m not invincible.


I finally made an appointment to see my doctor after having lived with a particularly long and annoying bout of allergy induced sinusitis.


Kristen has a sinus infectionI’ve lived with a stuffy nose my entire life with sinus infections occurring every spring. I wrote about my last one a couple of months ago. Although the headache and fatigue disappeared, my stuffy sinuses have continued to worsen. Even my husband encouraged me to see someone about it.


I pressed my doctor about whether she thought allergy shots or sinus surgery to fix my deviated septum would provide me with long-term relief.


I’ve consulted in the past with both an ENT and an allergist and each of them assured me that their suggested protocol (surgery or shots) would fix my sinus problems. They both also said that the other remedy wouldn’t help me. Go figure.


My primary care doctor couldn’t give me an opinion either way other than to say that allergy shots would be less invasive and maybe worth trying first.


I’m at my wits end here so if you have any firsthand experience with either sinus surgery or allergy shots, I’d love your input and referrals to local specialists you like and trust.


Trying to navigate my medical issues (which, knock wood, are not serious compared to the current pandemic) is confusing and frustrating.


You might feel the same way about your own legal issues which is why it’s important to build relationships with legal advisors you can trust.


My Pink Lawyer® is in the process of expanding our network of compassionate women lawyers to help you effectively and simply navigate all of your legal issues.


As you know, I personally serve Florida clients with their estate and legacy plans.


We’ve also added affiliated independent lawyers to handle your Florida and Alabama probate and guardianship needs.


And soon to be announced, another attorney in the Tampa area who handles Florida estate planning, firearms planning (gun trusts), and, soon, Veterans Disability claims.


We will continue to expand our network of qualified attorneys to assist you no matter your legal issue. Call us for referrals if you don’t know where to turn.


And please, email me any referrals YOU have for a Pensacola area ENT or allergist that you’ve had a good experience with.


Just as you probably found your way into my world through either a referral or reading about our online reviews, I find that recommendations from others is the best way to find professionals you can trust.


Kristen “Can’t Wait to Finally Breathe Again” Marks


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