It can be very difficult to consider what will happen to your loved ones when you are no longer around to care for them. In fact, many Florida parents are so reluctant to consider these circumstances that they fail to plan for the inevitable—leaving their children and other loved ones at both an emotional and financial loss.

My Pink Lawyer® Specializes in Florida Family Succession Planning to Provide Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Florida estate and family succession planning is about more than just signing documents.

Thorough Family Succession Planning is about designing and deploying a personalized plan to meet your planning objectives in the simplest way possible.

The State of Florida has rules about what happens to your home and money after you die, including who may inherit and how much of your estate will be sent to the government in taxes. A clearly-defined legal plan ensures that your wishes will be followed and your family will be protected even after you are gone.

And EVERYONE should have a well-defined written plan; not just the wealthy.

Each of our Family Succession Plans™ is personally crafted for our clients using our Proprietary 3-Step Formula that protects your inheritance to your loved ones from unnecessary time delays and financial expense, family disputes, and in many cases, long, messy probates.

Your personalized Florida Family Succession and Estate Plan may include:

  • Last Wills and Testaments. A Will is a master document outlining your wishes after your death. It can include many different provisions, from who will inherit your property and take care of your minor children, to who will continue caring for your pets and most precious personal items.

  • Trusts. A trust is a legal document that allows certain assets to be protected from debt collection, misuse, probate, and even certain taxes. Assets held in trust may remain protected until a minor beneficiary can legally inherit them (minor’s trusts), hold funds for inheritance while maintaining your control during your lifetime and avoiding probate of your trust assets upon your death (living trusts), or ensure that your life insurance funds are spent wisely (life insurance trusts). We can also create a special needs trust and advise you on special needs planning to provide for disabled children and loved ones.

  • Tax Planning. If applicable to your situation, we can explore legal ways to minimize the amount of estate tax and gift taxes on your holdings, as well as allow your home to remain in your family’s possession without going through probate.

  • Health Care Planning. A comprehensive Family Succession Plan will not only provide a plan for your loved ones following your death, but also give directions on what should happen if you become incapacitated. With thorough Florida advanced health care directives (including living wills, organ donation, and designations of health care surrogates), you will appoint a trusted friend or family member to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself and document your end-of-life wishes in advance so there is no confusion or guilt by family members.

  • Financial Powers of Attorney. Just as a health care power of attorney has power over your medical care, a financial power of attorney is granting control over your finances if you become unable to make decisions for yourself. If you do not outline who is responsible for your bank accounts, stocks, and other holdings, your family will have to go to court to legally access your finances if you become unable to manage them yourself.

My Pink Lawyer® Assists and Advises Florida Women and Family Members To Make Informed and Sound Decisions About Their Loved Ones' Future

My Pink Lawyer® helps Florida women and parents create clear, customized plans to provide for their loved ones.

At your private Family Succession Strategy Session™, our experienced attorneys will answer all of your questions and provide practical, effective advice and suggestions on designing a comprehensive plan to meet your planning goals.

We will also quote you a flat, fixed fee for your custom designed Family Succession Plan™.

We will never attempt to sell you services you don’t need.

And you will never feel pressured to hire us (though most folks who come in for their Family Succession Strategy Session do). Frankly, high pressure is not our style.

Your private 2 hour Family Succession Planning Sessions with one of our attorneys is only $197.

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