Florida women's estate planning
Florida womens estate planning

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Attention Florida Panhandle Parents!

Our Friendly, Experienced Professionals are Trained to       Protect Your Family from Financial Ruin and Family Feuds After the Death of a Loved One.


Chances are if you are reading this, you are a busy Florida woman or parent and keeping up with your career and family’s day-to-day tasks is enough of a burden without considering the long-term future. That is why we built our estate planning practice on direct, friendly, no-nonsense service, taking the worry and confusion out of complex legal issues.

At My Pink Lawyer®, we want to help YOU make the best decisions possible to care and provide for your family long into the future. After all, the planning we do is not for our “stuff” or even ourselves in many instances.

We plan because we love our families and understand that they will have to live with the decisions we made for their benefit when we had the opportunity to do so.

We Specialize in Florida Family Succession Planning that Provides            Peace of Mind for our families.


As a responsible parent we all want to leave a LOVING LEGACY after we're gone, rather than a mess!

Many Florida residents have experienced the nightmare of a loved one who left behind a mess, whether from disorganization, a poorly written plan or no plan at all, family disagreements, high post-death administration costs, or unintended consequences.

We do not want YOUR LEGACY to be a nightmare for your family. 

At My Pink Lawyer®, we inspire, empower and assist Florida women and parents like you to make educated, proactive, and smart planning decisions for your family and other loved ones.

We Are Down to Earth, Experienced Professionals With No Surprise Fees.


Although family succession planning can seem overwhelming to many folks, you will never feel intimidated as we work together to custom design a plan that protects your family and carries out your long-term wishes.

We are down-to-earth, experienced lawyers who will always provide you with practical and effective Florida estate planning advice.

And you will never be pressured during the estate planning process.

Our process is simple: we begin by providing no-obligation Family Succession Strategy Sessions to discuss your current situation and unique planning goals.

Once we know more about your situation and desires, we will quote you a fixed, flat fee for your custom crafted Family Succession Plan that is agreed to in advance, ensuring that you will never encounter any hidden costs or unforeseen legal bills.

Every Family Succession Plan™ is Personally and Professionally Crafted To Protect Your Inheritance from Unnecessary Time Delays, Financial Expense, Family Disputes, and In Many Cases, From Long, Messy Probates.


Many professionals take a one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning, selling as many financial tools and products as they can to their clients…whether they need them or not.

Many clients who walk through our doors have been told that they “need” a trust, are paying yearly fees for services that provide no real benefits, or have received other information that does not pertain to their own circumstances.

Unfortunately, some firms are focused on how much they can make, rather than what is the best fit for you and your family.

As women, wives, and mothers ourselves, we understand your most important priority with planning is protecting your loved ones.

We help you organize your affairs to make life as simple and seamless as possible for your family. From setting up trusts, appointing agents in financial and medical powers of attorney, or naming guardians for your kids, the agenda is always focused on YOU, never on us.

You may not even need an attorney. If that is the case, we will tell you so.

We will always give you a practical perspective on your situation, and we will NEVER sell you or your family any planning tools that you don’t need.

Each of our Family Succession Plans™ is professionally drafted and custom crafted just for YOU and your family. We do not use cookie cutter forms or copy and paste documents from one client to another like some law firms.


We Cater to Discerning Individuals and Families Who Expect Exceptional Service.


We are REASSURINGLY NOT the "Cheapest Kids on the Block."

If the cheapest option possible is your primary concern, then we are NOT the professionals for you.

That said, our experienced and friendly professionals and staff provide extraordinary service and value, outstanding organization, efficiency, promptness, convenience to our clients.

Plus, we return every phone call and email.

Legal Services Provided by My Pink Lawyer®


At My Pink Lawyer®, we assist our clients with the following legal matters:

  • Comprehensive Family Succession Planning, including Estate Planning, Wills, and Living Trusts. We assist a variety of Florida clients—especially Florida women, couples, mothers, and widows—whose primary concern is making sure their loved ones are protected throughout their lifetimes. Your Florida family succession plan can include wills, trusts, naming guardians for your children, powers of attorney, and medical directives, as appropriate. You will always receive unbiased, honest, and practical advice in designing and implementing the best family succession plan to care for yourself and your family. Plus, we will build a lasting relationship to ensure your family’s needs are covered throughout your lifetime.

  • Guardianships for Minors and Developmentally Disabled and Special Needs Adults. Naming guardians in writing for your minor and disabled children is imperative for every Florida parent. By naming guardians for your young children, you ensure that your kids are raised by the people you choose, rather than by a judge who doesn’t know you or your family. In addition, Florida parents lose their financial, legal, and medical protections over an adult child with developmental disabilities when he or she turns 18. Parents in Florida should become guardian advocates over their adult children who have special needs so they can continue making critical decisions for their children into adulthood. Although we are no longer accepting new guardianship clients, we are happy to make a referral for you.

  • Death Administration, Probate, and Trust Administration. We are no longer accepting any new probate or trust administration matters. However, we are happy to make a referral for you.

  • Special Needs Planning for Parents. Parents who have children with special needs have difficult decisions to make during the estate planning process. On one hand, parents want to leave their child with everything they need to live comfortably, but they also want to ensure that their disabled child remains eligible for public assistance benefits. We advise parents on creating special needs trusts or supplemental needs trusts to protect their disabled child’s future inheritance while also preserving their public assistance benefits. While we do not handle Social Security disability cases, we will be happy to refer you to colleagues we trust who can help you.

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We do not believe in letting our clients wait to begin planning their futures. We return all phone calls and emails promptly.

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