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At My Pink Lawyer®, we specialize in simple, yet effective estate plans to protect both yourself and the important people in your life.


The FOCUS of your estate planning is not about your money or your “stuff.” After all, EVERYONE needs a great estate plan regardless of your net worth or income.


The focus of your plan is the PEOPLE you love in your life.


The PURPOSE of wise planning is to protect the ones you love when you are no longer able to do so yourself.


The GOAL of wise planning is to leave behind a LOVING LEGACY after you’re gone, rather than a mess!


Many Floridians have experienced horror stories of loved ones who left behind a mess, whether from disorganization, poor or no planning, family fighting, high post-death administration costs, or unintended consequences.


Working with a qualified attorney at My Pink Lawyer®, you won't be the next horror story for your family.


At My Pink Lawyer®, we want to inspire, empower and assist you in making educated, proactive and smart planning decisions about the legacy you want to leave your family and other loved ones.


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