A Life Lesson in Choices

Kristen Marks

by Kristen Marks

Kristen Marks is a travel enthusiast, empty-nest mom to two young adult children, athlete, attorney, author, speaker, proud wife of almost three decades (to the same wonderful man!), and the founder of My Pink Lawyer®, Florida Estate & Legacy Planning attorneys. Kristen has been crafting professional estate plans for Floridians and their families for over 28 years.

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As my daughter heads off to college next month, there are many life lessons I want to share with her.

A big life lesson that I hope she remembers is that her life is all about CHOICES.

The choices she makes every day in her life, both big and small, will dictate her circumstances in the future.

I heard this quote the other day and it stuck with me:

“You are exactly where you really want to be….

In your life

In your career

In your relationships

With your health

With your body

With your education

With your finances”


It may sound harsh but the more I’ve pondered it, I find it to be true in most cases.

I know sometimes life hands you lemons and we can't control everything that happens to us but we can always control how we respond to the hand we are dealt.

It is easier to complain about our lot in life, our boss, our spouse, our body, our lack of education or money, than it is to change our circumstances.

Real, lasting change often requires difficult choices, forging new routines, and shedding bad habits, negative influences and people from our lives.

Don’t like the state of your finances? Make different choices with how you save or spend your money.

Unhappy in a relationship? It may be time to let someone go.

Don’t like what you see in the mirror? It may be time to hit the gym.

It may not be easy but you do have a choice to make a positive change.

We live in a free country and we all have choices.

We may not always like the choices we have.

The choices we face may be tough.

No one ever promised you the life of your dreams on a silver platter.

Get over it and make some different choices today.


A wise mentor once taught me that we will remain in the same place until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.


Eighteen months ago, I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror or my closet. My clothes were getting tight and I dreaded wearing a bathing suit which is not good when you live at the beach.

I finally had enough and decided to suck it up and get up every morning at 5am to work out.

Yes, it’s been work. Yes, I’ve been super sore (read here). But, I now am liking what I see in the mirror. I feel and look better than I did five years ago.

Remember too that the choices you make today will have ramifications on those around you.

The estate planning you choose to do today (or not do today) will directly affect your loved ones. 

Do you have a comprehensive current Family Succession Plan in place to ensure that your family avoids pesky government interference, costly time delays and outrageous legal fees when you’re gone?

Most people do not.


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So, as my oldest child heads off to college, I hope she makes good choices with her time, the people she associates with, her actions, etc.

Choices, baby. Your life is all about your choices. Please make wise ones.

Love, Mom

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