Expanding Our Horizons: Client Education Through Unexpected Inspiration

Adriena Jett

by Adriena Jett

Adriena Jett is the cheerful client concierge and a trusted legal assistant at My Pink Lawyer®. Adriena loves spending time with her husband and their combined four children. In her spare time, Adriena enjoys watching cooking shows, reading cookbooks, and of course cooking and baking!

The human mind thrives on novelty. A recent conference in Dallas, Texas, exemplified this beautifully for Kristen Marks, Angela, and me (A.J.). We embarked on a journey of continuing professional development, attending a jam-packed schedule designed to inspire and challenge.


A unique aspect of the conference involved peer-driven Q&A sessions, where fellow attendees – a diverse mix of business owners and support staff across various industries – participated in brainstorming exercises. This broadened our scope significantly. While we undoubtedly gained valuable insights on enhancing our client services, we also gleaned unexpected wisdom from individuals running companies in fence construction, AI solutions, virtual security, healthcare, and even cleaning services.


Each courageous attendee who approached the microphone to address a topic sparked a moment of genuine intellectual awakening. We frequently found ourselves exclaiming, "I never thought of that!"


By the end of the weekend, our minds were brimming with new ideas, necessitating a brief period of cognitive recalibration.


This experience served as a potent reminder of the state in which our clients often approach us.


Client engagement can encompass a spectrum of emotions. Some clients demonstrate a proactive eagerness to learn, while others view estate planning as a necessary task. Still others may harbor anxieties stemming from past experiences.


However, from the initial contact with our office, we prioritize empowering clients through knowledge. These conversations are fertile ground for those gratifying moments of realization, where clients exclaim, "I never thought of that!" Witnessing these moments of intellectual discovery is deeply fulfilling for our team.


We strongly encourage and prompt client education. This empowers us to safeguard your estate from the complexities of probate for years to come. We equip you with the essential tools to navigate the complexities of estate planning and provide ongoing guidance as circumstances evolve.


We actively welcome those "aha!" moments. We encourage you to ask questions, take comprehensive notes, approach information with an open mind, and walk away confident in the decisions you make for your future.


Adriena "Maximizing the Client Experience" Jett


P.S.- Inspired, we have revamped our Welcome Packet to include information on our brand new Simple Rapid Evergreen Planning meetings (we launch your plan in 1-3 weeks!) and our new Client Care Program to keep your estate plan "evergreen" (always current). We'll also throw in a copy of our handy book teaching your how to avoid the 10 most common estate planning mistakes in Florida.


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