Planning for our children's future is a no-brainer.

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Having enjoyed life's most precious gift with the birth of our first child, we quickly realized that we were ill-prepared in the event of our death. Seeking to prepare for our child's future with regard to all possible scenarios, we turned to Kristen Marks. Kristen's cheerful demeanor and professionalism made an otherwise unpleasant conversation enjoyable and reassuring in the same breath. We left her office with not only a plan for one child but a plan that was set to grow with our family. Today, nearly 8 years later, we are a family of five and are content knowing that we have Kristen Marks' ultra-organized binder ready to go if ever the unexpected were to occur. The money we spent meeting with Kristen was probably the best money we've ever spent.

Abby Durrance, Lillian, Alabama