Will Your Health Care Directives Be Available When You Need Them?


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Designing your Estate Plan with a professional and then signing your estate planning documents is a must in protecting your family after you’re gone. But, how can you ensure that your documents and important information can actually be accessed by your loved ones in the event of an emergency?

MyPink LawyerEmergency Access to Your Health Care Directives

Today, more than ever, if you want to have your healthcare wishes honored, you must take active responsibility for clearly communicating them. Creating your living will and designating a health care power of attorney are vital to ensuring your health care wishes are honored.

But, creating these health directives is not enough. They must also be safe and easily accessible, especially in an emergency. Since most people don't carry around their Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will with them, providing immediate access to one's healthcare directives and emergency information from anywhere can be problematic without some sort of online storage solution of such information.

One online storage option I endorse is provided by membership with DocuBank.  Docubank offers secure online storage of all of your health care directives, emergency contact information, health insurance information and critical medical information such as any allergies and current medications.  Once your documents are uploaded and your emergency information is entered, Docubank then issues you a wallet card which provides immediate access to your healthcare directives and emergency information to hospital staff and medical providers 24/7/365.  You may also update your medical information as needed through their secure website.


MyPink LawyerEmergency Information & Releases for Children

As parents, protecting our children is our first priority. We do everything we can to ensure our kids are safe and happy.  But have you considered what might happen when you’re not with them?  Have you made sure that your child’s trusted caregivers have the information and legal authorizations they need to successfully navigate an emergency situation in your absence?

Docubank offers a solution to this dilemma also by providing fast and easy access to the critical information family and other caregivers need for your child in the event of an emergency. The personalized wallet card provides 24/7/365 access via web or fax to your child’s information and pertinent documents so that temporary caregivers can answer questions and respond appropriately when you are not available.  Plus, any time your child’s information is accessed, you’ll be notified with an email alert which includes details about who accessed the information.

This services means worry-free travels for you. Whether attending a work conference, or if you’re lucky enough to sneak away on that ‘girls weekend’, you can leave your children knowing they are protected in the event of an emergency.


More Information

Docubank also offers services for Special Needs Adults and College Kids.  For pricing and more information on any of their services, check out Docubank's website at www.docubank.com.

I personally use Docubank for my own family’s secure online storage of important information and documents. (I would never promote another company’s services unless I am willing to use them myself.)  However, I encourage you to do your own due diligence as well.  I am comfortable with the level of online security that Docubank offers me and my clients; however, we all have difference ‘tolerance’ levels as far as online security goes so check them out and see what YOU think.

If you're a client of mine and you'd like to take advantage of any of these services, call or email me for pricing and I'll email you the registration form and then upload your documents to Docubank for you.

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