What's for Dinner?

Amanda Lynch Elliott

by Amanda Lynch Elliott

Amanda Lynch Elliott is a native of Pensacola and an attorney with My Pink Lawyer®. Amanda and her husband are parents of two young daughters. Amanda enjoys running, yoga and paddle boarding, and has a twin sister.

According to comedian Daniel Carrillo, “Marriage  is  just  texting  each other  ‘Do  we  need anything from the grocery store?’ a bunch of times  until  one of you dies.”


Or in Mark’s and my case, “What do you want for dinner?”


We generally split the household tasks 50/50, which is why I can’t seem to understand how I’m responsible for not only stocking the fridge (helloooo Instacart), but also figuring out the meals week after week.


Sounds fun, right? <insert the most dramatic eye roll imaginable>


Then, approximately once per month Mark comments about the extra fees that Instacartcharges/how much I’m spending on groceries, so I happily delegate the task to him.


We end up with a couple of chicken breasts, an apple, …and a loaf of bread if we’re lucky.


He then proceeds to go to the grocery store EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to get the rest of the ingredients necessary to cook a meal for dinner.


It’s no wonder my head nearly explodes when “What do you want for dinner?” pops up on my phone during one of the weeks when Mark has done the shopping.


Well, I don’t know Mark… half an apple and a cheet-o?


Kristen says she can relate. She once sent Andrew to the grocery store and her son and her took bets on how many items on the list wouldn’t make it home. The over/under was 10 items. Kristen won the bet with over 10 items.


Come on guys, we can do better!


We should be asking each other more important questions, like:


Who would you want to raise our kid(s) if something were to happen to both of us?


Who would you trust to make your health care decisions if you were unable to do so?


Do you want to be kept alive by artificial means? If so, in what circumstances?


Where are all of our bank accounts? (BONUS – how are they titled?)


What are our passwords to our online financial accounts?


Do we have beneficiaries named on our bank accounts?


Who is our mortgage with? (If the house was purchased before your marriage, “Am I liable for the mortgage?”)


When you schedule an estate planning consultation with one of the attorneys at My Pink Lawyer®, these are just a few of the questions we will address.


Many clients proclaim during this meeting that we asked them questions they’d never even thought of! 


As Kristen said in one of our appointments recently, “Think of us as your personal auditors of your assets.”


We don’t care how much you have, and we’re not nearly as interested in your financial posture as we are in ensuring that what you do have passes according to your wishes.


Some of the questions we ask may even seem irrelevant until you see the bigger picture; however, your estate plan is a comprehensive plan consisting of documents, titling of assets, beneficiary designations, life insurance policies, and more.


Schedule your Legacy Estate Plan Consultation here.

As for our ongoing grocery shopping saga, we hit a major milestone this week. 


I used the “Notes” feature on my phone to make a list of everything we’d need all week and added Mark to my list. 


Mark shopped and sent me texts/updates to the list (just like the Instacart app!) and we now have a fully stocked fridge minus those pesky extra fees.


Win, win?


I think so!


Amanda “Don’t Ask Me What’s for Dinner” Lynch Elliott



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