Covid Strikes My Pink Lawyer

Adriena Jett

by Adriena Jett

Adriena Jett is the cheerful client concierge and a trusted legal assistant at My Pink Lawyer®. Adriena loves spending time with her husband and their combined four children. In her spare time, Adriena enjoys watching cooking shows, reading cookbooks, and of course cooking and baking!

It was Day 3 when I realized I couldn’t taste or smell. My morning coffee lost its luster that so many of us love to start our mornings with. I pleaded to feel better!


Adriena Jett My Pink LawyerCOVID hit my husband and I in January (thankfully our children were with their other parents) so we quarantined at home with our dogs for 8 days. I was a little worried that we could pass the virus onto our dogs (our fur babies) as well.


I started with allergy symptoms, adamant that it was a head cold or sinus infection. Primarily sneezing, runny nose, and pressure causing headaches. Then, a persistent cough appeared out of nowhere. My husband’s symptoms started as body aches.


You can imagine how extremely shocked I was when I tested positive. I’m double “vaxxed” and boosted, after all (like all staff at My Pink Lawyer®).


On my “week off” from the office, I could be found on my couch in my comfiest clothes. I attempted to sleep in our bed but no amount of pillows felt comfortable enough. As miserable as I felt, I was unable to sleep. The headaches were intense, the body aches caused extreme discomfort, and I had rubbed my nose raw.


I was miserable from my head to my toes.


Even when I did have glimmers of hope, I was quickly reminded that I couldn’t taste or smell…which caused a whole different set of mental disappointments.


I LOVE to cook and bake. I love to be in the kitchen whipping anything up!


I caved and made a chicken soup from scratch and wept when my efforts were fruitless. Everything tasted like water.


My amazing team at the office checked in on me multiple times throughout the days. They provided suggestions on medications and ways to relieve some of my aches and pains. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my corner to help through the tough times.


I texted Kristen on day 6 exclaiming that I had slept 10 hours straight. I felt this was my sign to recovery. I continued to sleep for most of the next 2 days, like I had not slept since I first tested positive. The body aches slowly subsided but the sneezing continued to linger.


A final negative test the following Monday morning following my week-long quarantine confirmed that I could safely return to the office. Hallelujah!


It has now been weeks since I tested positive for COVID but my taste and smell is still absent. On a positive note, I’ve cut back on the sweets since I can’t really taste them anyways!


Adriena “Bouncing Back From Covid” Jett


P.S. We continue to take precautions in our office to keep our clients safe and healthy. We have face masks available for your use and will follow your lead on wearing them when you are in our office. All staff has been fully vaccinated and boosted. Staff is required to take a rapid test if we are feeling ill. We sanitize areas visited by clients in between appointments.


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