The Great Paper Towel Debate

T. Andrew Marks

by T. Andrew Marks

T. Andrew Marks is the husband of the founder of My Pink Lawyer®, Kristen Marks. Andrew runs his own successful criminal defense law practice in Pensacola, Florida. Andrew & Kristen have been married for over 20 years and they have two teenage children.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m fixing the paper towels. You loaded them the wrong way.

“What do you mean?,” I asked bewildered.

“You loaded the paper towels so the end drapes in the back. The end is supposed to drape over the front of the roll.”

“I didn’t know there was a right and a wrong way to load the paper towels.”

“Oh yes there is, dear,” Kristen slowly replied, as if talking to a toddler. [I may have also detected a slight eye roll but that may have just been my imagination.]

How in the world did I make it 48 years without knowing the correct way to load the paper towel holder? Apparently this common knowledge also applies to the toilet paper roll.

paper towels.jpg

The "wrong" way to hang paper towels according to my wife.

In case you’re thoroughly confused, this is Andrew, Kristen’s husband.

I have hijacked her email and am sneaking this off to you while she’s on her training run for the Half Marathon.

So, you now you know my plight of living with a sometimes OCD woman who pays meticulous attention to details.

I’m more a “go with the flow” kind of guy myself. Over, under, it doesn’t matter to me which way the roll hangs.

But apparently loading the roll the “correct” way does make it easier to use and results in less waste (or as my wife would say, “it’s more efficient this way”).

Although I practice a different type of law altogether (and frankly, I hope you never need me), I hear through the grapevine that Kristen’s clients love her attention to the details. She leaves no stone unturned and is always prepared for every client meeting.

Efficiency, effectiveness, and practicality are buzzwords around My Pink Lawyer® (yes, we share an office so I hear these things).

This is great news for folks wanting their Estate Plan done right to save their families time, money, and headaches.

This is not great news for me, however, who has to live with her.

I usually let Kristen manage the details in our house with minute precision but sometimes I can’t resist deliberately turning the toilet paper roll around backwards.

I hear her in the bathroom and the distinct sound of her changing out the roll on the holder.

“Did you say something, honey?,” I ask with a smile.

Andrew “Doesn’t Care Which Way It Hangs” Marks

P.S. I understand that it’s National School Success Month. My wife has put together these cool gift bags for kids that she’s giving away to parents who schedule their new Estate Planning Consultations with her this month. Trust me when I tell you that her attention to detail is YOUR gain, if not MY pain.

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