Life's a River. Grab a Paddle.

Amanda Lynch Elliott

by Amanda Lynch Elliott

Amanda Lynch Elliott is a native of Pensacola and an attorney with My Pink Lawyer®. Amanda and her husband are parents of two young daughters. Amanda enjoys running, yoga and paddle boarding, and has a twin sister.

We took our kids canoeing down Coldwater Creek a few weekends ago. 


It was picturesque – a sunny day with puffy white clouds in the sky and not a chance of rain. The 110-degree heat index made the chilly water feel even more refreshing than normal. The recent lack of rain meant that the water was about 2 feet lower than normal with very little current… absolute perfection for a toddler and a four-year-old.


We arrived and began our trip at the same time as a group of approximately 20 high school seniors put their tubes in the water. 


Having thoroughly enjoyed many a tubing trip myself during high school, I figured that I had a pretty good idea of the shenanigans we were about to witness. 


And friends – I was not wrong. We were in for a real treat.


I was a little disappointed at the obstacle they presented, and a lot anxious about the stuff my kids were about to see and hear; but I was determined not to let it ruin time with my family.


Picture1We tried to slow our trip and let the group of kids get ahead of us to simultaneously minimize the awkwardness of canoeing around 20-something tubes, as well as the amount of fun new words my children would learn that day. 


The slower-moving current meant that we easily turned a 1.5-hour trip into a 3.5-hours one, taking our time and stopping at sand bars to play, eat, swim, collect rocks, and inspect a baby turtle.


At about 2-hours in, though, the inevitable happened. 


A very intoxicated older gentleman and a rather large group of the young boys found themselves tangled up in a heated argument. 


It got loud. Really loud.


There was shouting and pushing and the unceremonious “hold me backs” from a group of children that appeared to have bitten off a bit more than they were prepared to chew.


The most memorable insult (and there were many) was a particularly small teenager calling the pretty large older guy a “blue collar alcoholic mother$&%*#$.”


“HOLY MACKEREL when did kids get so mean?!” I thought to myself, completely horrified by their exchanges.


As someone who will do almost anything to avoid conflict, it made me seriously cringe. 


Meanwhile, my husband was side eyeing me because I was paddling faster than I had the entire trip. He got proof that I was in fact concealing my paddling skills from him.


But my kids simply observed. 


It remained a mostly verbal confrontation before we were able to maneuver around them and continue our journey which we finished with no further issue.


On the way home and after the girls were fast asleep, my husband and I laughed hysterically, reciting some of the awful insults both parties were hurling at each other. Jeez!


And later we got to have a conversation with our kids about conflict resolution which coincidently reinforced what they’d been learning in school that week.


It was ironic that the very thing I was afraid of happened in a big way, but we were able to turn it into a learning experience for our kids.


Oftentimes, overcoming the things that we’re afraid of and moving past the things that hold us back are the very things that can have big, lasting effects for our loved ones.


Organizing your affairs is no different!


We know how scary it can be to contemplate your passing. We understand how overwhelming it can feel to begin the process of estate planning. 


But do you know what’s even scarier? Leaving your loved ones to figure it out! And what could be more overwhelming than trying to clean up affairs that you know nothing about?


But that’s where we come in!


When you schedule a consultation with us, we’ll be your guide to navigate through the scary stuff. We have a step-by-step process that makes an overwhelming process simple. 


And when you complete your planning, your family will be so much better for it.


Turns out, my kids did learn new words… lots of them. We also made great memories.


In life and in canoeing, sometimes things will get a little rough, but we’ve got this!


Amanda “Paddling Like an Olympian” Lynch Elliott



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