Guest Post by the Daughter of My Pink Lawyer's Founder

Jill Marks

by Jill Marks

Jill Marks is the daughter of My Pink Lawyer® founder, Kristen Marks. Jill is a Senior at the University of Alabama on a full academic scholarship where she holds several leadership positions on campus, including President of Beat Auburn Beat Hunger and the Director of Account Management for Capstone Agency, a student-run communications agency. Jill will graduate in May 2021 with her Masters degree in Marketing and a concentration in Public Relations.

“Wow, I’m so excited to potentially be celebrating my birthday this summer in New York City or Denver!” I vividly remember thinking to myself when applying for internships this past year.


I finished up my junior year at the University of Alabama in May, and I had anticipated moving to one of those two cities to intern this summer (it turns out I would have been going to New York City, too!)


I never anticipated that I would spend more than a month at home after my freshman summer. I spent the majority of last summer in Tuscaloosa for an internship, and after I graduate next May, I have no plans to search for jobs in Pensacola (I want to see more of the world and put myself outside of my comfort zone.)


However, just as with everybody else in the world, everything I planned for quickly changed once COVID-19 hit. When I left for spring break, I soon found out that I would have to finish out the school year online, and with the severity of COVID rising quickly, I knew I would want to be at home. I held out hope that my internship would not be cancelled, but alas, an in-person internship in New York City would not be feasible either.


So here I was, moving my stuff back home for the next five months and no job. I was despondent that everything I had planned for had disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Moving back in with my parents?


No internship during the summer I practically NEED for post-grad purposes? Not seeing my friends from school for the foreseeable future?


The panic definitely was building about what the next couple of months would look like.


I knew one option I had was to go back to work at a popular sports bar on the beach. I worked there throughout high school and during the summer of my freshman year, but with restaurants quickly closing down, I quickly realized that wouldn’t be an option either.


When my mom told me that Olivia, my parents’ loyal legal assistant for years, would be leaving mid-June to move to Texas, I knew I had to ask for the opportunity to work for them. Of course, I knew this meant that now I would not only be living with them but also working for them 40 hours a week.

My Pink Lawyer staff

It’s been nothing but sunshine and rainbows for our relationship…….


Just kidding. Kind of.


It was definitely an adjustment for all of us, me and my parents as we lived and worked together all summer.


Going from full independence at school with my own space and surrounded by my peers 24/7 to moving home and isolating with only my family was a harder adjustment than I anticipated.


I have realized during these months of quarantining that I thrive off of being around other people, and I have definitely seen a shift in my mood with the lack of these opportunities. One plus about working at My Pink Lawyer® has been getting to chat with all the clients, which satisfies the extrovert in me!


I have definitely learned a lot about myself these past few months, and one of the greatest lessons I have learned is the importance of flexibility. I am a planner to a tee, and this has been one of the greatest adjustments I’ve had to make. I know I am very lucky to have a safe and welcoming family to be around during this time; not everybody has the same opportunity.


I am headed back to college later this week. To say that I am excited is an understatement.


But the office is in great hands with Olivia’s and my replacement, Adriena.


I’ll still be available to work remotely as well on as needed basis. But now, in my own apartment in Tuscaloosa… At least until Thanksgiving when all of my classes move to online again.


Jill “Summer Pinch Hitter at My Pink Lawyer®” Marks


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