Fasting for my Future!


by Admin

After coming home from a week long vacation in Chicago, I felt like I needed a huge reset. Let’s be honest, nobody sticks to healthy eating when they’re on vacation!

I was indulging myself at all the local restaurants eating Chicago pizza (New York pizza is way better!), trying the famous Chicago dog, and sipping hot cocoa to warm myself up!

When I got back, I began a 6-day juice fast. I have been an experienced faster for several years, doing both juice and water fasts; even though it has been controversially talked about in the media, I believe in the abundant health benefits it provides. There have even been several cases of miracle healings!

Here are some amazing benefits of juice fasting, which I found helpful:

  1. You can easily absorb vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

After eating a diet high in saturated fats, refined carbs, and scary additives, your body will become malnourished pretty quickly. However, a glass of fresh juice can provide up to 2 pounds or more of nutritionally rich fruits and vegetables.

  1. It allows your organs to rest.

Toxic foods and even medications can hurt our bodies and do more damage than good in the long run. Fasting floods your body with nutrient-dense juice, which requires less energy to assimilate, and the digestion process becomes A LOT easier on your stomach and intestines, allowing it to absorb all the nutrients the juice has to offer. The liver also gets a much-needed vacation from removing toxins and returns to its normal state.

  1. Fasting has wonderful healing qualities.

Because your body is resting and nourished, it has time to repair itself, build new cells, and eliminate anything that’s not supposed to be there (like fat!). Your body also has time to correct problems like headaches, congestion, and high blood pressure.

Plenty of people experience more energy, a better immune system, rehydration, improved mental clarity, and weight loss during and after a juice fast.

My 6-day juice fast was a great reset to eating healthy again. I’m proud of that fact that I take care of my body, so it will last a long time.  I know if I take care of myself now, it will be much easier to do so in the future, and I plan on living until year 2100!

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