Don't forget to plan for your fur babies!

Adriena Jett

by Adriena Jett

Adriena Jett is the cheerful client concierge and a trusted legal assistant at My Pink Lawyer®. Adriena loves spending time with her husband and their combined four children. In her spare time, Adriena enjoys watching cooking shows, reading cookbooks, and of course cooking and baking!

“... but who’s gonna love our doggies?!,” exclaimed my husband, Michael.

We had recently begun working on our Estate Planning Worksheet for our meeting with Kristen.

We had recently eloped on New Years Eve.

We felt pretty confident on who we would choose as our agents, caregivers, and burial requests but then we started running down the same list for our animals.


AJ dog photo

Our 2 (large) mix breed dogs, Ken and Warren, are near and dear to our hearts! Michael refers to them as the ‘Legends.’ They’re definitely important in our planning!

Is it disturbing to want your dog buried with you when you die? Do I have a weird attachment to my dogs?

Some weird thoughts ran through our minds as we scratched our heads. Was it really this hard to choose new homes for our dogs if the unexpected happened?

We made a short lists of ‘qualifications’ to care for our dogs:

  1. They would HAVE to be kept together. They’re brothers after all!
  2. Spoil them as we do.

This is when Michael said “...but...”

And he’s right! Who the heck is going to spoil our dogs like we do? Our children are loved fiercely but our dogs. HA

It’s going to take some serious conversations with our possible prospects and we can only hope we outlive our beloved canines.

Besides choosing “guardians” for our dogs, we also need to decide if we want to leave money to said canine caregivers to help pay for their care for the duration of their lives.


Seeing Kristen work with our clients, I know she’ll be able to provide us some guidance and ask us good questions so we arrive at a decision regarding our dogs’ care that we will both feel good about.


Adriena “Mama to Two Beloved Fur Babies” Jett


P.S. Call us if/when you’re ready to make decisions regarding the care of your own animals (and children!). As Kristen’s assistant and client concierge at My Pink Lawyer®, I’ll help you get started with the planning process. Call 850-439-1191 or reach out to us through our website.

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