Back to School Special for Teachers

Amanda Lynch Elliott

by Amanda Lynch Elliott

Amanda Lynch Elliott is a native of Pensacola and an attorney with My Pink Lawyer®. Amanda and her husband are parents of two young daughters. Amanda enjoys running, yoga and paddle boarding, and has a twin sister.

Nearly all of the females in my family (with the exception of my sister and me) are teachers.


My mom has been a Speech/Language Pathologist for elementary students in Santa Rosa County for nearly 34 years. She continues to enjoy her job and its rewards every day.


Her greatest reward is when an adult student comes back to her twenty years later and shares with her that they are a public speaker, working in sales, or studying to become a teacher.


One of her students, who had fluency difficulties, is now working for a television station and is the person who orally directs the stage hands during the production. What a great accomplishment for both of them!


My grandma was an elementary teacher for over 20 years and later a Lead Teacher before “retiring” to teach Early Childhood Development courses at Pensacola State College.


My aunt is the band director at Gulf Breeze Middle School. She can play any instrument she puts her hands on and her passion for music seeps through into every, single thing she does.


All three of these women absolutely adore their profession, and are representative of the many hardworking, dedicated, and passionate teachers working with our children today.


I grew up with an immense amount of respect for them, as well as, the numerous teachers I was privileged to have from elementary school through college. Many of my teachers went above and beyond their job description to make an impact on their students.


Teachers show up early every day and do one of the most important jobs in the world.


They spend their personal time and money to help prepare their students to succeed.


We see you teachers, administrators, and other school employees, and we appreciate you and want to recognize you.


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