A Tail of Trash and Temptation

Lauren Merritt

by Lauren Merritt

Lauren Merritt is a Pensacola native and is licensed in both Florida and Alabama. Lauren has her own law practice located in the offices of My Pink Lawyer® and is an affiliated independent counsel. Lauren is a newlywed with three bonus daughters and a newly adopted baby son. Lauren enjoys running, going to the gym, crafting with the girls, dining out, and relaxing at home with her new family.

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This past Friday afternoon I was especially excited on my way home from work because Matt and I had our first official “date night” planned since COVID-19. Actually, it was our first date night since our pandemic wedding on April 2nd!


How many married couples can say they were quarantined for the for the first 2 months of marriage?! We can!


Anyway, I digress.


So here I am… first one home.


Matt and I have two pups. Piper is a 9-yr-old rescue lab mix from the Escambia County Animal Shelter, and Bella is a 14-yr-old chihuahua I’ve had since I was 16!


“Pipe,” as we like to call her, greeted me at the side door that opens into our kitchen. And then…


Queue my “GASP!!!”


You see… our trash can is in our pantry. And one of us Merritts forgot to close the pantry door Friday morning.


We’d had a family dinner party the night before… and we had not taken out the trash. 


It being Friday and all, Piper decided to have a little party herself!


Cupcake wrappers, icing wrappers, cheese stick rappers, dog bones, and a freshly ripped packet of maple sugar oatmeal spilled on the floor.






I followed a frantic Piper to the back door.


Suddenly, a second crime scene in the living room.


A giant bag of dog treats in shreds, not a treat in sight. 


I let Piper and Bella outside to potty and begrudgingly assured Piper she was still momma’s girl.


When we came back inside, Bella was the only one interested in our routine “treat.” Go figure!


Thankfully, Matt wasn’t far behind me and arrived home in time to help me clean. I was so frustrated. Who left the door open? When did Piper jump her gate? Why did Piper make such a mess? She’s such a good girl! Are we going to be late for dinner?


I was so grateful for Matt’s help, and we had everything cleaned in plenty of time to enjoy our delicious dinner at Angelena’s in downtown Pensacola. That Piper sure is something else, though!


Losing a loved one is much different than having a little mess to clean up. Having suddenly lost my mom a few years ago, I know.


That said, I can remember the shock, confusion, frustration, and questions all too well. I remember feeling incredibly overwhelmed. And the looming “What now?” question.


Hopefully you haven’t lost a loved one recently. But if you need help understanding what’s next, we’re here to help guide you. Call our office today to schedule your consultation: (850) 741-2999.


As for Piper, she redeemed herself by being a good girl all weekend. And from now on, you can bet we’re keeping that pantry door closed!


Lauren “Sucker for a Sad Puppydog Face” Merritt


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