A Mom's Kindergarten To-Do List

Olivia Reynolds

by Olivia Reynolds

Olivia is the Chief Planning Concierge at My Pink Lawyer®. Olivia enjoys spending time with her two sons- blue eyed, blonde hair and full of character. They are always going on adventures, helping Olivia with her crafts, or waiting to try one of her new recipes!


The “to-do list” will never stop. 


I have a five year old that just started kindergarten two weeks ago, and I had no idea that it was the beginning of the lifelong “no more naps” (which relates to one cranky kid), homework done by bed time, lunch has to be fixed and packed before he heads out the door, hoping he finds new friends… you know how it goes moms.


My partner Robyn and I are trying to get into a new routine of getting our two year old and five year old set and ready for the school year with all the new “to do” things added to the list.


I know that I was the proudest mother on that first day of kindergarten, watching him walk with his backpack on and his minion lunch bag in his hand. 


I feel like it was going to take forever to get to this day, but it came so much faster that I realized.


I was honestly a nervous wreck! (What mom isn’t?)


I was feeling sad. He is not that baby that consistently needs me. Him starting kindergarten made me feel like I was losing him in a way.


I was rushing and wondering if I had everything ready for the first day, or the first week at that.


Cars pulling in everywhere at the school parking lot, and I had no idea where to take him to the early program at school or how to get into the cafeteria from the outside.


Once I found where the other parents were walking, I took him inside and hugged him and didn’t want to let go.


He told me he had to go, because he was a big boy now, and I literally almost cried for the new chapter that was unfolding.


How do we do it?


Morning time, here comes the drill sergeant to wake up (duty calls), chef mommy cooking breakfast and lunch, bus driver to drop them off to school, chef to cook dinner, teacher to help and guide in the right direction with homework, drill sergeant for bath/bed time. 




The day is done. It was nothing, it was actually a breeze (said no mom ever).


As a mother I play a role of multiple people, but I do it for one reason. Because I love them. I’m losing my little toddler that could barely walk and very fast turning into a big teenager.


I start to think of the future and how I need prepare them for what lays ahead.


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