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Women Empowered Group Estate Planning Workshops

Beginning Friday, May 3rd, My Pink Lawyer® is launching a new way for Florida women who have never planned their affairs before to get started with a Basic Women Empowered Estate Plan at our Women Empowered Group Planning Workshops.


These small group planning workshops will provide an intimate setting to learn the basic nuts and bolts of planning your affairs. Plus, you’ll also leave the workshop with a fully executed Basic Estate Plan in place, including a simple Will, Guardian Designations, financial Durable Powers of Attorney, and Advanced Health Care Directives.


Although not free, we are launching these workshops with an introductory low cost registration fee of $397 per attendee so it doesn’t break the bank. (Seriously, add up how much you spent on your last four visits to the nail, hair and beauty salon and compare the cost.)


Plus, we will provide a light meal and have fun with door prizes throughout the workshop. (Who doesn’t love door prizes?!)


Seriously, you now have ZERO EXCUSES to getting your legal affairs in order.


You may be asking yourself, will these estate plans be comprehensive and super detailed and tailor made to my unique situation?


Nope. These “Starter Plans” will be basic starter estate plans for women who have never planned before. These workshops are designed to get you in the estate planning game so you feel comfortable down the road custom crafting a more detailed family succession plan for yourself and your family (hopefully with us!).


Here are some more Fast Fun Facts about the workshops:


What is the cost of the workshops and when do I need to pay the registration fee?


$397 per attendee. Payment of the registration fee is required to reserve your spot at the workshop.


What if I cannot make the workshop I registered for?


You can use your prepaid registration fee at another workshop. Just let us know you can’t make it and we will schedule you for a different workshop.


What is the capacity of these workshops?


For now, we are limiting attendance to eight attendees per workshop. The capacity may increase in the future depending on the venue but they are designed to be intimate workshops so attendees feel comfortable asking questions.


Are these workshops limited to women?


Initially, yes. We may open the workshops up to men in the future but these initial workshops will be tailored to pre-retirement age women who have never planned their affairs before. Think frazzled working mom who is in the building years of growing her nest egg and busy balancing a career with family.


Can I bring my husband?


Initially, no. We may launch couples workshops in the future but we are starting with women only workshops so everyone feels comfortable asking questions in an intimate setting.


Who will run these workshops?


One of our fabulous My Pink Lawyer® attorneys of course!


How do I register for a workshop?


You may register and pay your registration fee by credit card on our workshop registration page: Remember, you must pay your registration fee in advance to reserve your spot.


Is it possible you might cancel a workshop that I’ve registered for?


It’s possible we may cancel a workshop if confirmed attendance is low (less than four attendees) but we would provide you with 48 hours notice and roll over your registration fee to another upcoming workshop of your choosing.


What if I decide that I need more comprehensive planning after attending the workshop?


You will still go home with a basic estate plan to get you started. However, you will be offered the opportunity to work more closely with one of our attorneys at your private Family Succession Strategy Session to custom craft your plan. You will also be given credit for your registration fee for your future planning with our office if scheduled from the event.


Will there be additional fees when I attend the event?


Nope. Your registration fee covers your attendance and Basic Estate Plan. You will be given the opportunity to purchase an organizational add-on package and schedule a private consultation with one of our attorneys at the workshop but those are completely optional. No hard sales pitches!


What happens after I register?


We’re still working out the details but at the very least, you can expect a follow-up email with more detailed instructions about the workshop, directions to our office, and a short worksheet for you to complete and return to our office in advance so we can learn more about your situation and tailor the workshop to the attendees. You will also receive a phone call and/or text the day before reminding you about the workshop.


So, there you have it, my friend. Women Empowered Group Estate Planning Workshops are coming to a theater near you. Hope to see you soon!